A Large-Scale Fluid Storage Solution


  • OSHA-compliant fixed-front non-slip stairway, platform, and railing
  • Rodless interiors for safe and easy cleaning
  • Side-stairway style for increased safety during inspection and top operations (typically available)
  • V-shaped bottom for complete drain and enhanced safety during cleaning
  • Smooth interior walls for easy cleaning (typically available)
  • Epoxy-lined for wide chemical resistance (typically available)
  • 2-3 24″ manways provide easy access
  • 4″ butterfly valve drains
  • Vapor-tight
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Multiple fill options


  • ƒOn-site storage of fluids
  • ƒControlling fugitive emissions

Why E-Tank?

Prior to delivery, each of our tanks is cleaned and tested to assure that levels of any substances previously stored in the tanks are below defined limits. E-Tank is the only company in the industry that offers rental tanks that are truly "Certified Clean".

Learn about our Certified Clean Process

Heat your Tank with Steam Coils

21,000-gallon tanks are available with steam coils. Ask your sales representative for more information.


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