18,400-Gallon Double-Wall Tank

An Extra Measure of Protection for On-Site Containment

A Large-Scale Fluid Storage Solution

18,000-Gallon Weir Tank

A Weir Tank for Separation of Solids from Liquids

10,000-Gallon Mini Frac Tank



Spill Containment

An Extra Level of Security for Environmentally Sensitive Materials

6 Bag Filtration Unit

Filtration Units to fit Every Job

Hose, Pipe, Fittings, and Floats

A Turnkey System For Any Pumping Application

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Record Fluid Flow Data with our Flow Meters

Pumping Across Vehicle Traffic Areas

25-Yard Tarp-Top Roll-Off Sludge Box

25-Yard Vapor-Tight Roll-Off Sludge Box 2 Lid

The Best Way to Store and Transport Environmentally-Sensitive Solids and Sludges

Tarp Top Dewatering Box

The Economical Way to Separate Liquids from Solids

Vapor Tight Dewatering Box

Vapor Tight Dewatering Boxes for Separating Liquids from Solids

25-Yard Roll-Off Vacuum Box

25-Yard Roll-Off Vacuum Box

On-Site Storage for Acids and Caustics

Keep liquids ice-free with our tank heater

E-Tank is your source for environmental equipment rental in the northeastern and midwestern United States and beyond. We treat your project as a priority, bringing a level of quality, service, and expertise that are unmatched in the industry. We back that claim with commitments to safety, cleanliness, speed, and efficiency that make us the best in the business.



When Is It SAFE to Use Contaminated Frac Tanks?

E-Tank® is the only company in the rental industry offering Certified Clean tanks at rental rates competitive with contaminated tanks. At E-Tank, our tanks have been used to contain a wide range of fluids including PCB’s, petroleum products, chlorinated solvents, run off from chemical and tire fires, landfill leachate, glycol, fluids containing heavy metals and even raw sewage. […]

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