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The E-Tank Advantage

We analyzed the industry, listened to the customers, and formulated our business model in response to what we heard. Simply stated, we believe E-Tank is the best in the business and we back that claim with our actions.

Complete Maintenance

Each item in our inventory is in top condition. Every time a piece of equipment is returned to our yard, it is subjected to a rigorous inspection procedure and a thorough maintenance program. Exteriors are cleaned, valves are actuated, coatings and seals are inspected, paint is maintained and moving parts are lubricated. Serviceability and appearance are important. Our equipment functions as it should and presents a good appearance at our customers’ worksites.

Certified Clean

Prior to delivery, each of our tanks is cleaned and tested to assure that levels of any substances previously stored in the tanks are below defined limits. E-Tank’s limits are based on nationally recognized environmental and health standards. This practice minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination from other industrial and environmental worksites. One occurrence of cross-contamination at a worksite can be very costly not only in terms of money and time but also reputation.


Delivery & Pickup

E-Tank responds to emergency situations on a 24/7 basis. We use company-owned trucks and trained drivers allowing us to tailor our service performance to our customers’ schedules. The equipment is delivered when you need it and where you need it. At the end of the rental, we pick up the equipment on a timely basis.

Cleaning Service

To make your rental experience easier, E-Tank offers an economical service to clean tanks at the end of the rental period. Our qualified technicians use approved confined space entry procedures. We contain all rinse water and residue and dispose of them using approved methods. This service saves our customers time and money. You won’t need to schedule a subcontractor to mobilize to the worksite, a time-consuming and expensive process. This way, the rent stops when we pick up the equipment. Simple and cost-effective.

Environmental Program

E-Tank runs a clean ship minimizing downstream liability for our clients. We adhere to a rigorous regimen of environmental practices. Wastes are properly disposed of, records kept, guidelines followed, and we take no potentially costly short-cuts. Ask us about our environmental policy and how it protects our customers.

Customized Billing

We tailor our billing to meet our customers’ requirements. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly… however, you want it.

Industries We Serve

  • Industrial Base
  • Petroleum
  • Jet Engine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Processors
  • Transportation / Trains / Airports
  • Mines and Quarries
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Environmental First Responder
  • Maintenance Companies
  • Power Plants
  • Oil and Gas
  • Steel Mills
  • Chemical Production
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental Remediation Specialists
  • Transportation and Disposal
  • Wastewater Processor
  • Construction

Areas We Serve

With branches in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and western New York, E-Tank serves customers throughout Ohio, Indiana, New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Illinois and beyond.

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Industry Terms

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of common terms used in our industry.

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