Dewatering and Discharge: Are these challenges impacting your Pipeline Construction project?

Is your construction project facing dewatering and discharge problems that threaten to slow it down, costing you time and money? Challenges to pipeline construction projects come from a variety of sources, but water is a constant issue of concern. The worksite must be dry to safely and effectively construct the pipeline. Dewatering of a site is of paramount importance and can be achieved by having one of our specialists design an effective pumping system.

The typical dewatering system consists of pumps, automatic controls, containment berms, filters, hose, pipe, fittings, and tanks. Each custom rental system is designed to save money for the contractor. For example, the rental system can incorporate automatic controls, enabling the pumps and system to operate only when needed, even when the rental pump system is unattended, such as nights and weekends. A properly configured rental pump system designed by E-Pump’s specialists can save a significant amount of cost in fuel and labor.

Disposing of the dewatered liquid presents another challenge to a contractor. Often, the water can be discharged into a stream, creek, or river only after proper testing to determine if the water meets EPA discharge standards. Filtration of the water is the best solution to meet water discharge requirements. Effective filtration may require a solids separation filter unit or GeoTextile filter bag. If the soil has been contaminated by hydrocarbons, then other methods of filtration will be necessary. We recommend the use of a carbon filtration unit in conjunction with a solids separation filter unit. Filtration of water is also necessary after “pigging” a line or hydro testing of new and old pipelines. E-Pump rents pumps, filters, and complete systems for any length and size of pipeline from 2” through 60”.

Your pipeline construction projects may also require documentation of the water discharged after the project is completed. To measure how much water is used for hydro testing or dewatering/discharging to another source, consider renting a flow meter. This is a fantastic solution and adds value through documentation and accuracy for the project and contractor.

In addition to flow meters, 21k and 10k tanks are used in all aspects of pipeline projects. For example, tanks are needed for hydro testing to store fresh water and returned water prior to treatment and discharge to another source. You can always be assured that no cross-contamination will occur when you rent a storage tank from E-Tank. All of our tanks are Certified Clean. We are the only tank rental company that can make this guarantee. The contractor who risks cross-contamination of a newly constructed multimillion-dollar pipeline project is taking enormous risks. Why risk your reputation and future projects when the only guarantee in the tank rental business is readily available for your project and saves you money?

Call E-Pump/E-Tank for your next pipeline project and we will design a complete custom system with all necessary rental equipment, delivery and pick up, installation, and training of your personnel in safe operation of the equipment. We can furnish a layout drawing for submittal purposes with your proposal.