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HDPE Fusion


For demanding fluid transfer applications in municipal and industrial settings, you require durable, cost-effective and corrosion-resistant materials. Just as importantly, you need to be confident that your system is safe and will not leak.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is an ideal solution as it can be fused to create a continuous pipe while eliminating the weak points that can occur using other types of mechanical connectors. HDPE pipe fusion uses heat and pressure to chemically bond two pipe sections, so you can easily create bends or extend the length of your line.

Advantages of E-Pump High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fusion

  • Leak Proof: Traditional hoses and pipes have weak points at the connections whether that be camlock, bauer, flange or another type of connection. HDPE is fused together to make one continuous pipe.
  • Corrosive, Abrasive and Chemical Resistance: HDPE is a lightweight pipe that is resistant to corrosion seen in many other types of pipes. It is also resistant to wear and tear through abrasives internally and externally. The shelf life of HDPE can be up to 50 years of continued use. Furthermore, HDPE is resistant to corrosion from most acids and alkali. These properties provide a large variability in the types of fluids that can pumped through HDPE.
  • Cut-to-Order: HDPE can be cut and configured to any length or design scenario needed. This means that multiple pumps and can be tied into together in series or parallel in one continuous pipe run.
  • Wide Temperature Range: -180F to 140F. Water can freeze solid inside the pipe without causing damage.
  • Large Bend Radius: The pipe is flexible up to a bend radius of 25xO.D. This prevents pinch points and the use unnecessary fittings. Also, the pipe run is able to meld to rough terrain without leaving gaps throughout.
  • Economic: Likely to be a deciding factor, for any job lasting longer than 6 weeks, HDPE is the most inexpensive option for bypass pipe runs.
  • Wide Range of Pressure Ratings: Ranging from DR7 (267 psi) to lightweight DR32.5 (51 psi), there is plenty of variability in the thickness of the pipe to tailor to specific job parameters.
  • ISCO Certified Operators: All E-Pump fusion operators are trained and certified by ISCO in order to offer our clients confidence and peace of mind.
  • Data Logger Incorporated Fusion Machines: All of our fusion machines are outfitted with a data logger. This feature guarantees correct fusion procedure including melting/cooling times and pressures for each specific pipe size and thickness. All data is recorded for job audits.


  • 1”-18”We currently stock DR17 piping but can provide other options for specific pressure and weight considerations.

Typical Projects

  • Long term bypass: HDPE is very economical and provides peace of mind with its leak proof technology. It is often used in wastewater/stormwater bypass as well as permanent municipal installation.
  • Unusual fluids: When dealing with extremely abrasive materials, chemically challenging or wide temperature ranges, HDPE is very resilient.

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