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In 1997, Alan Jaslow founded E-Tank, Ltd. in Canton, OH with a mission to provide innovative equipment solutions for environmental remediation projects. Initially, the company catered to construction companies dealing with groundwater contamination issues. E-Tank delivered on-site storage tanks to customer work sites, establishing a niche in the evolving landscape of environmental cleanup.

As the demand for E-Tank’s services surged, the company relocated its headquarters to Massillon, drawn by the city’s business-oriented attitude. The focus on environmental remediation broadened, encompassing industrial maintenance for diverse manufacturing and energy facilities. E-Tank’s growth led to the establishment of branches in key locations, reinforcing its commitment to personalized service and quality equipment maintenance.

Over the years, E-Tank’s clientele expanded to emergency responders, pipeline operators, energy producers, refineries, manufacturers, transportation companies, and infrastructure contractors, positioning its equipment as a vital component across various sectors of the U.S. industrial economy.

E-Tank’s strategic expansion included branches in Indianapolis, Buffalo, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Western Kentucky, Kansas City, and Toledo. Unlike competitors, E-Tank distinguishes itself by maintaining trained personnel at each facility, ensuring meticulous inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of its rental fleet.

In 2012, E-Tank diversified its capabilities by establishing E-Pump, a sister company offering engine-driven and electric pumps, accessories, and filtration equipment. This expansion allowed the combined companies to provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of environmental remediation requirements.

Today, E-Tank and E-Pump, collectively employing over 115 dedicated professionals, have become crucial partners in the industrial landscape. With nine branches spread across seven states, the Massillon headquarters remains a hub of innovation and operational quality, housing 50 team members. Serving customers in 14 states, E-Tank’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction continues to drive expansion plans for the future. As they look ahead, the company stands poised to meet the evolving needs of its customers with unparalleled service and cutting-edge solutions

Alan Jaslow

Owner, Alan Jaslow

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