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Case Studies

Every day you are tasked to solve problems whether they are planned maintenance, new construction or unexpected emergency clean-up. These case studies show examples of how E-Tank and E-Pump have partnered with companies just like yours.



Stream Bypass for Pipeline Installation

A pipeline construction company was contracted by a major natural gas transmission utility to replace several hundred feet of 24”…

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Storm-Water Bypass for Box Culvert Replacement

A construction company was contracted to replace a deteriorating concrete box culvert originally installed in 1929. The concrete boxes allowed…

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Stream Bypass Pump and Hose Rental

A gas utility company needing a stream bypass in the turned to E-Pump when one of their pipelines required modification. The…

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Pump Rental for Sewer Bypass

A pump rental for sewer bypass was needed by a municipality to set up a sewer bypass system. The village needed to…

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Emergency Sewer Bypass

While pipeline technicians were performing routine maintenance on the sewer system in a downtown shopping district, they were confronted by…

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Emergency Response

Leachate at Shopping Plaza

A recent discovery behind a shopping center led to EPA intervention and subsequent action from E-Tank and E-Pump. The presence…

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Environmental Response Rental Equipment

In addition to our work with manufacturers, utilities and industry, E-Pump and E-Tank are always on call for the rapid…

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Pump Rental for Emergency Spill Response

A late night call to our offices on a Friday alerted our staff to a critical situation. Pump rental for emergency…

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Tanker Accident Response

On a Sunday afternoon, a semi-truck driving along a state route collided with a tanker truck hauling gasoline and diesel.…

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Dry Cleaning Solvent Remediation

E-Tank was called upon to provide 25-Yard Roll-Off Boxes and Mini Frac Tanks for a sensitive, high profile environmental remediation…

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Industrial Maintenance

Onsite Temporary Oil Storage Solutions

E-Tank is not only capable of emergency solutions, but we effectively coordinate with our clients during their planning process on…

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Mobile Frac Tanks for Pipeline Maintenance

The surge in natural gas production in northeastern Shale formations has increased the need for mobile frac tanks for “pipeline…

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It Was the Perfect Storm: Municipal Wastewater Flooding Prevention

The mid-west has experienced harsh winters in the last few years. When the thaw began in mid-March 2015, there were…

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Oil Refinery Temporary Storage

Whether performing routine maintenance or dealing with more urgent situations, refinery customers turn to E-Tank and E-Pump for the specialty…

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Industrial Wastewater Storage Solutions

In a time-sensitive situation, an Industrial Maintenance company relied on E-Tank. As the provider of cleaning services to a major…

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Water Supply for Hydro Demolition

A construction company was contracted by a municipality to repair and update the structural integrity of a bridge. The project…

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Gas Station Replaces Underground Storage Tanks

Environmental Contractors that remove or replace underground storage tanks require specialized expertise in dealing with the contaminated groundwater that is…

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Fire Pump Rental for Fire Suppression Systems

Fire pump rental was needed for a fire suppression system that was being constructed. Fire suppression systems are commonly used…

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Rental Pump Systems for Special Effects

A rental pump system for special effects was requested by a film production company that needed help staging a scene…

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Rental Pump for Cofferdam

A cofferdam is a temporary enclosure built within a body of water and constructed to allow the enclosed area to…

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Pipeline | Oil and Gas

Pipeline Integrity Hydrotest

[embed][/embed] E-Tank’s customer is a construction company with a challenging pumping problem. Their project required cleaning and inspection of six…

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Pumping Drilling Mud

When drilling a new oil or gas well, the “cellar” is a pit in the ground that provides the additional…

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Flowback Treatment

In an effort to improve their water usage, an oil and gas company enlisted E-Tank and E-Pump to design and…

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Pipeline Maintenance: Temporary Water Storage

Pipeline maintenance requires periodic pressure testing of lines to locate potential leaks and fissures. The logistics are complex and the…

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Drillers Mud: Recycling Solutions

E-Tank’s and E-Pump’s expertise in design and our ability to provide complete systems to separate solids garnered business with an…

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Industrial & Remediation

PH Adjustment and Dam Removal

A major construction company in northeast Ohio was tasked with removing a dam in order to drain a lake into…

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Vapor-Phase Filtration

In this project, an industrial services contractor was using nitrogen displacement to purge a gasoline pipeline. The contractor called E-Tank…

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Heavy Metals Groundwater Remediation

[embed][/embed] An environmental consulting and construction company was hired to test, filter and monitor groundwater around a bridge replacement project.…

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Groundwater Remediation

An environmental contractor was tasked with cleaning up land previously occupied by an iron mill. Part of the project was…

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Pumping Sludge and Metal Fines

Numerous major manufacturing concerns rely on our ability to quickly and efficiently provide quality, reliable equipment for various maintenance processes.…

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