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Cold Weather Pumping Tips

Frigid winter weather creates challenges when using pumps. Below are four simple tips for cold weather pump operation: 1. Drain the Pump When pumping has been completed for the day, assure the pump is completely drained. Open the drain valve on the bottom of the volute and disconnect the suction and discharge lines. When the […]

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Failsafe Your Bypass Pumping Project

Bypass pumping projects are among the riskiest of pumping operations. Don’t let a flawed set-up incur cost or deficiency to your operation.  Below are some tips to failsafe your bypass pumping operation:   Use a standby pump: A standby pump or pump system is the only way to ensure that your operation will work in […]

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Operate Your Tank Like a Pro (vol. 1)

When examining the dynamics of a job in which a frac tank or multiple frac tanks are used, several key factors should be considered to ensure safe and efficient operation of these tanks. Here are a few operational tips to consider: Over-pressurizing when filling Frac tanks may be equipped with a pressure relief valve, but […]

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Roll-Off Boxes, Vacuum, Sludge & Dewatering Safety Tips

Avoiding accidents and injury when working with roll-off boxes requires training; all personnel should be aware of potential safety issues. Here is a list to consider when conducting safety training. When loading a box onto a roll-off trailer, the operator must pay close attention to assure the container is aligned with the rails. Drivers must […]

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When Is It SAFE to Use Contaminated Frac Tanks?

E-Tank® is the only company in the rental industry offering Certified Clean tanks at rental rates competitive with contaminated tanks. At E-Tank, our tanks have been used to contain a wide range of fluids including PCB’s, petroleum products, chlorinated solvents, runoff from chemical and tire fires, landfill leachate, glycol, fluids containing heavy metals and even raw sewage. The […]

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