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E-Tank Classic

Golf Charity Tournament

2023 E-Tank Classic

We are thrilled to announce another round of great results from the annual E-Tank Classic – Charity Golf Tournament. With the generous support of over 130 attendees and our dedicated sponsors, we successfully raised $20,000 for The Legacy Project of Stark, which builds mentoring relationships between students and members of their community.

The funds raised through this event will significantly impact the Legacy Project’s mission, enabling more students to access the valuable support and mentorship they provide. At E-Tank, our commitment to making a positive difference goes beyond the work we do every day, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s event.

2022 E-Tank Classic

This year, the team at E-Tank worked extremely hard to bring awareness and raise money for The Legacy Project of Stark located in Massillon, OH. On September 29th, we hosted a very exciting event: The E-Tank Classic – Charity Golf Tournament with all proceeds going to The Legacy Project of Stark.

Etank Classic 2022

E-Tank hosted the inaugural event with hopes to continue it on an annual basis. We had over 130 attendees and countless sponsors for the event! We had a great turnout, and the Quarry did a phenomenal job as our venue host this year. We look forward to next year’s tournament! Details for the 2nd Annual E-Tank Classic – Golf Tournament will be shared when available.

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