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The Environmental Transformation Podcast:

Water Filtration and Equipment Selection

In this episode, we discuss Water Filtration and Equipment Selection.  Properly sizing a water filtration system can be challenging.  Who do you call when you need help figuring out the size of pumps you need to drain a retention pond, or what type of filtration unit should you use to process or treat contaminated surface water or groundwater?  Selecting effective treatment media is another difficult task many struggle with.  I discuss these questions and more with ⁠⁠Andrew Morris⁠⁠ and ⁠⁠Jesse Green⁠⁠ from E-Tank. Learn why E-Tank has the expertise and equipment to deliver the best solution for just about any situation you may have.

The Environmental Transformation Podcast:

Learn why E-Tank is the fastest-growing and most reliable equipment rental companies in the industry with James Busch and ⁠⁠Andrew Morris⁠⁠.


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