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17,600-Gallon Mix Tank

Operation Manual

Our Certified Clean 17,600 gallon Mix Tank is the solution for projects needing to agitate a fluid to keep solids from settling or to blend products together.


  • Four (4) 60 Hz WEG 10 HP Explosion Proof Motors, 1800 RPM C-Faced Motor, 215TC.
  • 180’ of 2” Schedule 80 Piping – Steam Coils
  • OSHA-compliant front stairway for maximum safety
  • Self-locking, fold-down safety rails provide fall-safe work area around the perimeter of the top of the tank
  • 2- 36″ top manways with removable fall protection grids
  • 1- 22″ side-entry and 1-22″ front-entry ground-level manways allows access to the tank interior
  • Round bottom for complete drain and enhanced safety during cleaning
  • Front stairway provides convenient access when the tank is backed into a location
  • Lifting lugs
  • Epoxy-lined for wide chemical resistance
  • 2- 4″ butterfly valve drains in recessed sumps for complete drain


  • Agitating solids suspended in a fluid
  • Keeping a liquid at a specific temperature using internal heat coils
  • Mixing large volumes of products together

Also known as 17,600-Gallon Mix Tank, Mixer Tank, or Round Bottom 420 bbl. Tank.

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