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Chemical Tank


The Chemical Tanks or Poly Tanks are 6,300 Gallon Crosslinked Polyethylene Roll-Off Tanks and are used for on-site containment of acids, chemicals and caustics.


  • Protective steel enclosure prevents accidental puncture at busy worksites
  • Top platform with OSHA-compliant stairs and full enclosure fold-up guardrails for safe access to top-side work areas
  • Coated spill pans under the butterfly valves for protection against incidental contact with corrosives
  • Mounting saddles for tripod (for confined space entry) located around the 24″ access panel
  • OR-1000™ interior coating bonded to 1″ thick roto-molded Crosslink Polyethylene; one-piece (seamless, no welds) construction ensures exceptional strength and security
  • Sloped floor for complete drain
  • Compact size enables two tanks to be delivered on one double-box roll-off trailer
  • Roll-off compatibility, forklift pockets, and lifting hooks provide alternative handling options for convenience


  • On-site containment for sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid
  • On-site containment of many other acids and caustics

Also known as 6,300-Gallon Crosslinked Polyethylene Roll-Off Tank, Chemical Tank, Poly Tank, or Specialty Tank.

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