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Box Liners

Box liners make for an easy cleanup! E-Tank can supply an optional liner that will contain the material until the box is dumped at the disposal site.

Dewatering Liners

E-Tank offers a wide range of dewatering liners for our boxes ranging from 50μ through 400μ.

Bladder Bags

Vacuum box bladder bags help eliminate costly clean up and disposal after storing sticky or hard to clean materials.

Cartridge Elements

Cartridge elements last longer than bag filters and can filter down to 0.5μ, making them great for polishing your filtration effluent.

Filter Bags

Filter bags are used in simple filtration projects for filtration ranging from 1μ through 800μ.

Filtration Media

E-Tank offers a variety of filtration media for removing any dissolved contaminate on your jobsite.

Geotextile Bags

Geotextile bags are designed to collect silt and sediment from pumped water. These can be custom ordered for any size project!


Biopolymer enhanced filtration allows submicron particles (also known as colloidal solids) to be removed from water to create crystal clear effluent that can be discharged on site.


Your project deserves more than just the right equipment.

From system design and installation to maintenance and customized billing, our team of experts knows that there’s more than spec sheets to consider when choosing an equipment vendor.


The Best Equipment Meets the Best Service in the Industry

Each piece of equipment in our inventory is backed by decades of experience, a rigorous inspection and maintenance protocol, and our industry leading customer service.

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