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Hard Top Dewatering Box


The Economical Way to Separate Liquids from Solids Using a Hard Top Dewatering Box


  • Dewatering screens cover the entire interior of the box including the bottom, sides, back, and gate, maximizing the drainage surface area
  • 25-yard container is roll-off compatible, ideal for transportation
  • Inside filter hooks for use with available filter media
  • 2-4” drainage ports, one on each side to maximize operational flexibility
  • Water-tight gate with extruded rubber door seal gasket seals with four independent ratchet binders with chains
  • Rolling lids with extruded rubber seal gaskets for emissions control (typically available)
  • Side swing door for easy unloading of sludge
  • Additional roll-off box safety tips


  • Dewater sludges, clarifier bottom, fly ash, grit & screening, etc.
  • Comply with regulations for landfill disposal
  • Recover product or clarify the aqueous phase
  • Container can be used to transport material for disposal
  • Control fugitive emissions

Also known as a 25-Yard Roll-Off Vapor-Tight Dewatering Box, Hard Top Filtration Box, Steel Top Dewatering Box, or Hard Top Dewatering Box.

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