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Hydraulic Piston Pump


Piston Pumps: Handling the toughest pumping requirements

This self-priming, positive displacement pump is a 4” hydraulically driven piston pump specially designed for applications involving thick sludges and slurries. Its anti-clog design allows debris like rags, bolts, bags, and rocks to pass freely into the discharge without disrupting operations. When the industry’s toughest pumping requirements cause other pumps to fail, the power and reliability of this piston pump’s unique design are unparalleled.


  • Handles the thickest slurries, sludges, and viscous materials
  • Highest performing pumps in the rental market
  • Large fuel tanks
  • 2.4″ solids handling
  • Works great on deep pits and sumps
  • Tier IV engine-driven
  • Preferred pump of choice for rail cars, tanks, or ships
  • Trailer or skid-mounted units
  • Pump safety tips 


  • Rail Cars
  • Tanks (UST/AST)
  • Ships
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Refineries/Process

Also known as Double-Action Piston Pump, SludgeKat™, or Piston Pump.

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