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Oil Water Separators

The oil water separators are designed to separate oil and water, discharging each through its own individual port. We have two units, the 10 gpm and 50 gpm units. These rates are maximums so the 50 gpm unit can do any flow rate less than or equal to 50 gpm. Same for the 10 gpm unit. The units offer sludge baffle with a port to remove heavy solids. They have coalescers to increase the speed of oil separation. Petroscreens are the final step in separating, removing extremely small contaminants to bring the process above 99% efficiency. The oil enters a skimmer and is gravity feed to an auxillary tank, tote or drum. The clean water is gravity fed to another tank, tote or drum for final processing if needed. The difference between the two units is of course the flow rate but also the makeup of the unit. The 10 gpm unit is stainless steel whereas the 50 gpm unit is carbon steel with an epoxy lining. These units operate best when separating low specific gravity oils. Common applications include environment remediation, filtration, spill response, process water introduction, etc. Options and accessories would include, Air Operated Diaphragm pumps, jetting pumps, bag filters, hose/pipe, fittings, flowmeters, road crossings, and mini frac tanks.

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Specifications are approximate and may vary. Ask your sales representative for specific dimensions for the unit we supply to you.

Model Pump Size Max Flow Max Head Max Solids
OWS10 10 gpm Oil Water Separator. Stainless Steel Housing. Gravity fed oil separator skimmer with gravity fed water effluent.
OWS50 OWS50: 50 gpm Oil Water Separator. Epoxy Lined Carbon Steel Housing. Gravity fed oil separator skimmer with gravity fed water effluent.

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