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Bag Filter


Bag Filters

Bag filters, used for suspended solids separation, accept filter media from 0.5 up to 800 microns. If suspended solids create a problem for your discharge effluent, bag filters are excellent options to resolve the issue. These solids separation methods are economical and highly effective in removing solids from any liquid medium. Stainless steel bag filters are required when projects require filtration of chemicals, fuels, or highly turbid water at flows between 600-800 GPM. Our stainless steel bag filters are constructed with 304 grade stainless steel. This makes them ideal for use when projects require filtering fluids with abrasive or corrosive properties that may destroy a carbon steel filter.

Our Bag Filter equipment includes:

  • 1-Bag Simplex Filter (Stainless Steel/Polypropylene)
    Filtering Area: 4.4ft2
    Recommended Flow Rate: 100-150 GPM
  • Duplex Filter
    Filtering Area: 8.8ft2
    Recommended Flow Rate: 200-300 GPM
  • 6-Bag Filter (Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel)
    Filtering Area: 26.4ft2
    Recommended Flow Rate: 600-900 GPM
  • Multiplex 6-Bag Filter
    Filtering Area: 52.8ft2
    Recommended Flow Rate: 1,200-1,800 GPM
  • 23-Bag Filter
    Filtering Area: 101.2ft2
    Recommended Flow Rate: 2,300-3,500 GPM

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