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Construction site dewatering and hydrocarbon filtration

The Project

As part of major construction at a petroleum transfer station, a company needed to remove large quantities of groundwater from the excavation site.
This project brought together each of E-Tank’s core capabilities: fluid storage, fluid transfer, and fluid filtration.


  • Hydrocarbon contamination from surface runoff meant the water could not be released into the local environment.
  • The company’s initial solution of trucking the water off-site became prohibitively expensive due to higher than anticipated volumes.
  • There could be no delays to the construction timeline or disruptions to facility operations.


Rather than hauling the water away, E-Tank engineered a multi-phase system that treated it on-site. This allowed it to be used in the facility’s fire suppression pond.
Water was pumped from trench boxes and collected in storage tanks. From there, it underwent a filtration process to remove hydrocarbons. Approximately 1800 feet of HDPE piping with road crossings was installed to complete the run to the storage pond.


E-Tank implemented a site-specific system that met rigorous environmental, economic, operational, and aesthetic requirements. From engineering to equipment, our turnkey solution allowed the company to continue with construction, protect the local ecosystem, and avoid the high costs of hauling water.


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