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PH Adjustment and Dam Removal

A major construction company in northeast Ohio was tasked with removing a dam in order to drain a lake into a nearby creek. Because the lake was downstream from strip mining activities, its PH had dropped to the point that it could no longer sustain life. Before the dam could be removed, the water would have to be treated. 

The company called on E-Tank to customize a system that would solve several challenges: pump the water out of the pond, raise the PH, separate the solids, and discharge the clean water into the creek. The project would require multiple pieces of equipment to efficiently meet the environmental standards. 

The water was drawn from the pond using two high-flow 6” pumps. One served as the primary pump, the other was the backup. From there, water entered a static flow mixer, which introduced sodium hydroxide to raise the PH. 

The sodium hydroxide was held in one of our 6300 gallon crosslinked polyethylene roll-off tanks, which are designed for onsite chemical containment. It was delivered into the mixer with a chemical dosing pump. 

Once its PH level was raised, the water entered an 18,000 gallon weir tank, which allowed solids to settle to the bottom. After that, it was clean enough to drain into the creek using a gravity-fed system. 

Not only was the client able to successfully complete the job, they only needed to make one phone call to secure all the equipment they needed. E-Tank’s engineers ensured the system was appropriately designed for the project’s requirements, and our technicians delivered and set up the equipment to ensure everything was operating correctly. 

When you need custom solutions, comprehensive service, and reliable technical support, E-Tank is ready to serve you with a diverse product line available from offices throughout the midwest. 


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