Selecting the Right Filter for the Job

Most jobsites have discharge requirements set by the Clean Water Act. This can be achieved with proper usage of filtration equipment. To select the right filter equipment, you need to know the final water quality standards.

To eliminate or reduce suspended particulate, a bag filter is the right choice. To achieve your target water quality standard while attaining optimum flow rates, you must correctly size the filtration system AND choose the right bags.

If the filter array is too small, efficiency drops dramatically. You must also assure the proper grade filter bags are installed. If the filter is too fine in relation to the suspended particulate, the filter media will clog prematurely leading to frequent bag changes and high costs. A two-step filtering process is the most effective using two different grades of filters in series. For example, the first unit might use 100 Micron bags, with 10 micron bags in the second unit. This type of arrangement could yield a more balanced bag change-out schedule and higher quality discharge water.

To eliminate hydrocarbons, a Carbon Filter system is the right choice. The key is to match the right type of carbon to the specific hydrocarbon AND size the unit properly. Efficient removal of the organics/hydrocarbons requires appropriate contact time. This is achieved by monitoring and adjusting the speed of the fluid through the filter. We recommend installing a bag filter in line before the carbon filter to remove suspended particulate, preventing the carbon filter from clogging.

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