“Certified Clean” Tanks for Hydrotesting

Pipeline installation requires testing of new welded segments to ensure there are no leaks and that the pipe will hold specific pressures. One of our customers, a major Pipeline Installation Contractor, required 160,000 gallons of clean water at the worksite to push a “pig” down the newly fabricated pipeline and pressure-test the new segments.

The Pipeline Contractor chose E-Tank primarily because we are the only company with verifiable “Certified Clean” frac tanks. E-Tank’s strict “Certified Clean” protocol assures that contaminants from previous environmental or oilfield projects are not present in the tanks. Our customer was assured that potentially hazardous elements were not being introduced into their new pipeline and their waste stream.

E-Tank set up eight 21,000-Gallon “Certified Clean” frac tanks to hold the necessary water, as well as a manifold system to ensure that water entered the pipeline at a common entry point. E-Tank also provided a flow meter, allowing our customer to see the volume of fluid entering the section of pipeline at any point in time. The project took place over several months as our customer added new sections of pipeline and linked into an existing pipeline system, testing and retesting as needed.