E-Tank’s Solution to Your Chemical Problem

Common industrial chemicals such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and sodium hypochlorite create challenges for project managers and operators in many industries. Caustics and acids require not only safe and appropriate storage but also a solution for transferring them, for tank maintenance, short-term storage or neutralization. E-Tank offers new and innovative rental products to simplify the complicated world of acids and caustics.

E-Tank can provide 6,300-gallon cross-linked, molded (1-piece, no welds) polyethylene tanks which have 1” thick walls, surrounded with a steel protective enclosure. This is ideal for onsite safety when being utilized around equipment such as lifts and tow motors. The two 4” butterfly valves can be customized with EPDM or PTFE. E-Tank can evaluate the intended contents and provide the best equipment to ensure compatibility.