Liquid Phase Carbon for On-Site Treatment for Contaminated Water

Sometimes referred to as “Black Magic”, liquid phase carbon offers a superior method for on-site treatment of contaminated water. Liquid phase carbon, made primarily from bituminous coal, can be provided in a 500 lb., 1000 lb., or larger carbon filtration units.

Contaminated water must be treated on-site or hauled away for off-site treatment. Hauling contaminated water away from a project site to be treated at a separate facility can be expensive. Our portable filtration treatment systems virtually eliminate this expensive cost. Our filtration systems allow you to treat:

  • Hydrocarbon-contaminated water from USTs
  • Petroleum hydrostatic testing water
  • Chlorinated solvent impacted water

E-Pump’s carbon filtration treatment systems handle flow rates from 5 GPM to 1000 GPM, and are delivered complete with pump, bag filters, carbon vessels, flowmeter, and all necessary hoses and fittings. Everything is trailer-mounted for ease of transportation and installation. Our portable filtration systems are scalable for on-site treatment to meet your project requirements. In addition to the treatment system, we also supply frac tanks for pre-treated and post-treated liquids. Depending upon the treatment necessary, we can offer virgin liquid phase carbon, reactivated liquid phase carbon, or coconut carbon along with many other optional filter media.

These economical systems are used on:

  • Construction dewatering sites
  • Soil and groundwater remediation
  • UST replacement and upgrades
  • Pipeline terminals
  • Refinery tank cleaning
  • Tank farms

We can create a custom carbon treatment system to meet your budget requirements. Call us for a quote on your next project.