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Clear Lake Lagoons: Contaminated Water

“Competitors may not have taken that [same] initiative.”

With ferric iron levels present that exceeded NY State environmental standards, the Contractor engaged in demolishing a Water Treatment Plant in upstate NY faced a serious challenge: the water in two lagoons was contaminated and could not be safely reintroduced into the environment. The on-site lagoons contained an estimated 200,000 gallons of contaminated water.

The Demolition Contractor turned to E-Tank for technical expertise in designing an effective system, and for the rental equipment that was required. E-Tank designed a process that filtered contaminants from the water without the use of harmful chemicals:

  • A dewatering box was used to knock out heavy debris
  • Aeration was used in combination with a weir tank to convert dissolved iron into a suspended solid.
  • Multiple filtration arrays separated the iron from the water resulting in the removal of the iron. The water, once treated and clean, was safely reintroduced into the environment.

A system comprising pumps, filtration, a dewatering box, weir tank and aeration specifically designed for the needs of the project provided efficient cost-effective results. E-Tank’s rental solution mitigated the problem without driving up the cost. The custom-designed system ensured proper and efficient functionality. The technical expertise and equipment that E-Tank supplied in this situation was valued by the customer and reflects the company’s commitment to service, quality, and expertise.


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