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Wabash River: Groundwater Treatment

A city in Western Indiana needed to install a grate in a storm sewer overflow line that would prevent water-borne debris from flowing into the river where the storm line terminated. City Officials imposed a critical restriction on the Municipal Contractor hired to install the grate. The proposed excavation site providing access to the storm sewer line overlaid a decades-old junkyard. Since the 1950s, on this particular site, waste items—particularly old automobiles—were releasing toxins into the soil as they degraded. It was known that pollutants could potentially seep into the groundwater supply within the immediate area. After testing the groundwater, City Officials were concerned that as excavation proceeded, suspended solids containing unacceptable levels of arsenic could leak into the nearby river and then, into the downriver wastewater treatment plant.

An Environmental Consulting Firm was engaged to provide oversight. Given our past history of successful collaborations on multiple projects, the Consulting Engineers brought E-Tank and E-Pump on board to provide an effective and cost-efficient solution to the problem. After several site meetings, the E-Tank and E-Pump technical team designed a filtration system comprising multiple weir tanks, 6” silent pumps, 6-bag filtration units, hose, pipe and manifolds. The rental system included float controls and meters to actuate the pumps only when needed, saving money on fuel and equipment costs. As the project continued and site conditions changed, E-Tank and E-Pump modified the system configuration, reducing the amount of equipment to what was required to get the job done, resulting in cost savings. The rental system effectively treated the water which could then safely move into the river and the water treatment plant in compliance with all environmental standards.

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