Vacuum Dewatering Box

Vacuum Dewatering Box

Dewatering with gravity can be a slow process. Using gravity alone, sludge dewaters at its own pace. E-Tank has a solution to improve your project timeline. We can install a dewatering cage inside a vacuum box. Then, a mesh liner can be added to achieve the results your project demands. This customization creates a Vacuum Dewatering Box and allows operators to expedite their project and decrease costs.

Operators have the option to fill the vac box through the 6” Camlock on the box end or the top manway. A vacuum line is attached to the lower valve on the box end where the operator can begin to pull vacuum. This pulls the liquids through the solids and then through the installed liner, speeding up the filtration process. This also results in a dryer, lighter cake on top of the liner, making clean up and disposal of the contents easier and cheaper.

Large dewatering projects often require several boxes of different types (Sludge, Dewatering, Vacuum). Let E-Tank use our double box trailers to deliver any two boxes at the same time, lower your delivery cost and provide you 24/7 delivery availability to ensure your site is set up and ready for perfect execution. E-Tank is on call for any situation that may arise.

Vacuum Dewatering Box with GeoTextile Liner

Geotextile Fabrics are a great addition to your dewatering project. E-Tank offers 80 Micron, 130 Micron, 250 Micron, 400 Micron in stock. Custom requests for particular micron size or special dimensions are also available. For more information about dewatering accessories simply respond to this e-mail to contact your local sales person.